Three Pools


Location:Situated at the Southern oasis which is reached by car along coastal road from El Qura bay, distance approx 10 kilometres. Also 300 meters south of Moray Garden.

Depth: 20 Meters coral garden area and 45 meters drop off.

Description: The site has three natural pools with sandy bottom between 3 – 4 meter aligned next to each other. This site can be tricky at low tide, so best to start the dive at high tide which will make passing through one pool to another easier. After exploring third pool which is the biggest one, exit into open water. Once out into open water you will find a hard coral slope with massive pore corals and small pinnacles between which are salad coral and brain corals.  Descend to depth of 15 – 20 meters starting anti-clockwise circle at sandy plateu keeping reef on your left.  End the dive by coming back to your starting point or if sea conditions and available remaining air permit continue up to Moray Garden as a drift.

This map has been used with permission from Geodia

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