Three Pools

Location: Situated at the Southern oasis which is reached by car along coastal road from El Qura bay, distance approx 10 kilometres. Also 300 meters south of Moray Garden. Depth: 20 Meters coral [...]

The Caves

Location:  Southern coast of El Qura Bay, before Gabrel Bint and 2.2 kilometres south of Three Pools Depth: 35 Metres Description: The entrance is not marked by any signboard but can be found in [...]


Location: Situated south of Assalah bay to the north of Qura Bay. Depth: Inside Coral garden area 12 and Reef all approx 18 Metres Description: Entry is marked by a sign on the beach. Due to a [...]

Eel Garden

Location: Situated approx 1.5 Kilometres north of Lighthouse area, in Assalah bay. Depth: 25 Metres with reef platform 60 metres wide. Description: Connected by small pedestrian path, access to [...]


Location: Situated 1.5 kilometres south of the Blue Hole. Depth: 54 Metres depth inside canyon, drop off to 90 meters. Description: Access walking across the reef platform for a dozen meters [...]

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