learn-padi-open-water-beginners-course-mainHave you ever dreamt about flying, or being able to breathe underwater swimming freely and effortlessly in the ocean? If you are looking for a new adventure and are fascinated by the underwater world, learning to dive can give you all this and more. Nothing on earth can match the unique sights of dazzling colours from the coral and marine life, the sensation of freedom and weightlessness (who said we couldn’t fly?) and exhilaration of breathing underwater. A whole new world below is ready for you to explore…So, what are you what are you waiting for? Its time to jump in …

Learning in Dahab, Red Sea

Dahab is a superb place to start diving. With easy conditions: warm clear waters, no strong currents, and great visibility. All of our courses are lead with highly qualified and experienced PADI Instructors. You will start your skill development training in the ocean not a swimming pool – so no plastic fish, just real beautiful ones!

Don’t worry we wont be taking you straight into the middle of the deep ocean. Skill development training is done in what PADI call a ‘Confined Area’ (which is basically water shallow enough to stand up in) so you can take it easy and become comfortable straight away, before venturing out to open water.

Many dive sites here are suitable for Open Water Divers so you can even continue the diving fun when your course finishes by joining our guided dives.


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