The Big Blue Dahab team is dedicated to protecting the environment that we and our customers enjoy every day. We recognise the importance of this. If we don’t take care of this precious environment now, there will be nothing for us and our visitors to enjoy, when diving the Red Sea. We want the next generations to follow, to also enjoy the jewels of this beautiful ocean, as we have enjoyed it now.

There are many ways that we are actively helping to protect the marine environment:


Our diver education encourages environmental awareness, enforcing diving techniques which help to protect the reef. This crucial information is provided during our dive briefings, and training courses. We know that an aware, well trained diver, is a safe diver, resulting in less damage to the reef and marine environment. Find out more how you can reduce damage to the underwater environment, whilst still enjoying its beauty by clicking here.


We actively engage with the Project Aware Movement, taking part in International World Clean-up Days and continuing to keep up to date with the latest projects.To learn more how you can support the Project Aware Movement, please visit their website by clicking here. For a brief outline about Project Aware click here.


We have held trash dives in the past, and now plan to make this a regular activity. Our Free ‘Trash Dives’, will be in our own house reef. With your help we can keep the beautiful underwater world alive and thriving for many years to come. Please ask us about this or drop us an email to get information about the next planned free ‘Trash Dive’. We also support Dahab clean ups co-ordinated by the local community including the beach/shorelines and sea.


We are a support centre for HEPCA, the environmental protection and conservation agency in the Red Sea region. We specifically support their Turtle Watch scheme, by engaging with this program we are helping provide important data about Turtles that are spotted by you and other Big Blue divers. All you need to do to take part, is complete a Turtle Watch Report Sheet, (which you or the guide can fill out, providing crucial information about the Turtle/s you have spotted). We will provide a Turtle Watch ID Key which gives detail about the Red Sea turtles and identifies the species that you have spotted. If we have a camera during the dive, we can provide visual data by capturing images of the turtle/s.  At the end of the month the data is collected and forwarded directly to the HEPCA conservation team.

Help play a vital role in the conservation of these magnificent, sea creatures that we all love to see, when you dive with us. For more info about the Turtlewatch Scheme click here and to know more about HEPCA, click here.


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