Dahab really is true to its meaning in Arabic, which means ‘Gold’ – Golden sunshine all year, Golden Hospitality, Golden Smiles and friendships for life. Come and join us ‘Live your life like its Golden’ in Dahab!

A popular diver’s destination since the 1960’s when the first divers ventured to this area. Diving here offers excellent conditions all year round, crystal clear waters with an average visibility of 20 – 30 meters, some of the most beautiful and adventurous sites in the world, are all reasons why it is known as one of the top diving destinations – with more than 20 plus sites to explore in this little town alone. However it is not only about diving, there is so much on offer, you will have to book a second holiday to fit it all in!

With great contrast to the package tourist areas of its neighbouring resorts, Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada, Dahab has managed to maintain it’s unique, quirky and laid back image over the years…and is still a little bit of a well kept secret! Originally a small sleepy Bedouin Village, Dahab was a popular stop over for backpackers and was known as a hippy hangout – although still laid back, this is no longer the only lingering image. These days, with more variety on offer, it is now also known as a fashionable hang out and ‘place to be’, mentioned on the ‘I-escape’ website as a hip hideaway! The Lonely Planet even labelled it the ‘New Goa” or ‘Koah Sumai’ because of its unique colourful character, diversity and natural beauty.

A lazy chilled out destination for all travellers and holiday makers who are craving a holiday away from mainstream package tourism, or a land full of adventure for water and land sport enthusiasts. With its magical charm most people fall in love with Dahab and its people, returning year after year, some just simply never leave due to its many smiling faces, fantastic dive sites and great middle eastern hospitality. So, be warned, maybe pack your bags for a little more than a week or two…just in case you fall in love!

Accommodation can suit every budget from inexpensive camps to luxurious hotel resorts, plus a beach promenade which houses a variety of colourful restaurants, cafes and shops, Dahab truly is a golden, unique destination. Come and feel the magic of Dahab, you will never want to leave.

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