Our Big Blue Story:

In 2005, a couple of passionate divers had a dream about starting a hub where fun meets education. Where learning meets excitement. Where exploring our big blue planet was the passion moving everyone involved. From that day forward, we have been the top diving center in Dahab. Making sure we purchase the best equipment for our divers and students, to hand picking the best instructors and diving professionals to join our team. All while meeting the highest standards in the industry and staying up to date on everything diving.

Where are we?

Located in the heart of Dahab. First line on the water. We enjoy such a fun, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Proud to be the top rated diving center in Dahab on all traveling and activities ranking platforms. Write us an email or give us a call and speak to one of our diving experts about your needs and see for yourself. Looking forward to meeting you in person very soon. Splash! Blob,blob,blob.

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