The Caves


Location:  Southern coast of El Qura Bay, before Gabrel Bint and 2.2 kilometres south of Three Pools

Depth: 35 Metres

Description: The entrance is not marked by any signboard but can be found in front of a small Bedouin restaurant at a crack in the reef plate. Usually a drift dive site, with an exit 120 meters south, located at a small bay opening in the reef. Descend along  a gravely slope on which, at a depth of 3 meters, two caves open up, the ‘caves’ are in fact more of a large overhang than caves but still worth visiting. The southern cave is straight to your right, covered with soft coral, sponges and black soft tree coral descending from the ceiling of the caves. After visiting the caves descend 16 – 22 meters. Keep the reef to your right and turn south until you reach the immersed bay with the exit.

This map has been used with permission from Geodia

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