Gabr El Bint


Location: Situated 7.5 kilometres south of The Caves, approx 1 hour from Dahab. Only accessible by boat, camel or by foot. Site offers two dives one north, and one south.

Depth: 30 Metres

Description: A hard coral buttress thrusting out of the coat for a dozen of meters distinguishes the site. The site offers two dives: to the north of the buttress is the more interesting, and the second southwards. Dive south of the hard coral buttress and descend to a depth of 20 meters finding gorgonians and a shelter then continue northwards skirting around the coral wall directly to your right. After passing a double line of nice gorgonians, ascend to 10 meters to enter a sort of sandy valley which you cross in a southerly direction coming back to your starting point.

This map has been used with permission from Geodia

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