Bells to Bluehole


Blue Hole – accessible from shore with entry/exit few metres from rocky shore line. The site is almost a circular shape 150 meters wide and 110 meters deep connecting with open sea through a tunnel 26 meters long, the arch of tunnel starting at 45 meters. The site is very interesting when doing a drift dive starting at nearby site ‘The Bells’. A quite energetic dive, so air consumption must be monitored carefully. Surface finning is tiring in the strong currents in this area.

Bells to Blue Hole: ‘Bells’ is an enclosed chimney in the reef exiting at 30 metres with a sheer wall drop off to 800m + with forming cavities which are Bell shaped.  Entry is through a groove lagoon in the reef. Enter one person at a time descending straight down the chimney alongside the wall and exiting approx 30 metres around the third bell shape. Abandon the chimney here and proceed south (keeping reef to your right shoulder) whilst ascending slightly. Arrive at saddle after 20 – 30 minutes approx, entering into blue hole through saddle which is at 5 – 9 meters depth. Exit the water to the western part of the Blue Hole towards the wooden jetty.

This map has been used with permission from Geodia

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